School Fencing Guide

There are many issues to consider when evaluating new and existing school fencing. It’s not just about ring fencing students into any given area. It is equally important to take relevant steps to ensure areas that are safe from unauthorised visitors, vandalism, arsons and burglary are also safe from accidents from poorly constructed or installed fencing, ideally have separate entrances for pedestrians and vehicles and provide ease of evacuation in the case of emergencies. Often, schools can build up security so much that it’s unwelcoming and can make people feel that they’re trapped.

Buying responsibly

With the ongoing pressure on school budgets, it is imperative that any investment in fencing and access control measures represents a responsible use of public funds. Whenever possible, schools should take a long-term view on investment in capital purchases and select products which offer a long life expectancy giving a low lifetime cost.

All our timber and steel fencing and gates are manufactured in the UK and are designed to deliver fitness for purpose, low maintenance and carry leading 25 year guarantees to provide the lowest lifetime cost. Additionally, schools are being required to demonstrate sound environmental practice to protect the earth’s finite resources. Jacksons Fencing has achieved certification under the environmental chain-of-custody schemes of both the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) for its timber products.


How should you secure your school perimeter?

The perimeter is the most vulnerable part of a school, and it needs to be well planned in order to keep staff and students safe inside, control access to outside visitors, and still create a welcoming appearance, as it is the first thing prospective students and parents will see when visiting.

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Example school layout

School fencing layout

School fencing options

Our school fencing options include vertical bar fencing and welded mesh panels with anti-climb properties and tamper-proof construction in a range of secure and non-intimidating designs, all with a 25 year guarantee.

Best fencing for playgrounds

There are a number of risks associated with playground fencing - we've got it covered with child-friendly solutions, including RoSPA approved anti-trap fencing, attractive planed timber fences, and self-closing safety gates.

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Hope View Indepedent School

Situated in a challenging area; off a major transport route and next to a train station, better perimeter fencing was required to keep pupils safe.

Barnardo's Special Needs School

In order to mitigate the risk of trespassing and vandalism, perimeter fencing and gates were required to secure the grounds, which next to a busy main road also presented the danger of oncoming traffic.

Northwood School

We were able to understand the needs of the project and were able to offer a variety of Jacksons products for a range of purposes, all designed to make the site safe and secure for students, staff, and visitors.

Oakdale Primary School

When it came to updating the school perimeter and sports fencing, the school wanted a solution which would keep students, staff and guests safe and provide reliable access control.