School Fencing and Gates

Choosing the right fencing in and around school grounds


Arson, vandalism, bullying, theft, anti-social behaviour, truancy, inappropriate contact and personal assault.


Safety, security, sustainability, value for money and operational efficiency.

School boundary fencingSchool boundary fencing

The purpose of boundary fencing is to restrict unauthorised entry and exit into school grounds and should be specifically designed to be fit for purpose. For example, Jacksons’ Barbican and Sentry ranges feature a welded pale-through-rail construction and concealed anti-tamper connectors between the fence panel and post. This method of construction makes it virtually impossible to prise the panels from the posts to create a gate way and also gives a better finish with no visible joints or unsightly bolts.

Unlike generic riveted palisade fencing, the Jacksons solution is both attractive and effective, more so now that there are LPS1175 SR1 certified and Secured by Design versions of both ranges available.


Unless supported by monitored electronic detection and surveillance systems and manned response, we believe that chain link and mesh on roll type fencing should only be used for demarcation purposes.


Appropriate Design

Schools are places of development and aesthetics play a big part in setting the tone and projecting the image of the school.School ground fencing

The style of fencing should meet a schools’ desired security and safety requirements, but at the same time it should not compromise on aesthetic considerations as the fence can sometimes be the public face of the school; security fencing which is attractive as well as functional will help overcome any concerns of creating a prison like environment and promote a sense of well-being.

Secured by Design recommend that perimeter fencing should be a minimum of 2m in height, vandal resistant and robust, grounded on a hard surface, be difficult to scale and have an anti climb topping which is much the same as a high security fence around a secure detention centre. Thankfully, we can offer a number of steel mesh panel, timber, timber and mesh combination and vertical bar style certified security fencing systems which provide you with attractive and uncompromising alternatives.

Managing NoiseKingsgate primary

Acoustic fencing can help reduce incoming ambient noise from neighbouring busy roads/railway lines or construction sites while containing the school noise within its boundary – something to consider especially in urban areas or where housing is close to school play areas.

Play Area Fencing

For play areas within nursery and junior schools it is important to use RoSPA approved and BS EN 1176 compliant fencing and gates which have been tested for their ability to provide a safe fencing and gate solution designed to reduce the risk of entrapment of limbs. Both timber and steel options are available.

Sections of the fencing for recreation areas that also form part of the boundary to a school grounds should be specified as a security fence.

Sports Fencing

Commonly known as MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas), enclosures can be designed with specialist mesh systems to allow multiple sports to be played in the same location while providing safety to participants, spectators and buildings.

Vertical Bar Fencing

Security rated vertical bar fencing will maintain visibility into the school site and cannot be easily climbed or cut through. Finials can be added to the top of the vertical pales to act as a further deterrent to scaling over.

Welded Mesh Fencing

There are a variety of wire mesh fencing systems available ranging from those which are suited to demarcation through to higher security designs. For security purposes, choose a mesh fencing system with aperture sizes which eliminate any foot or hand holds making it difficult to climb manufactured in wire of a sufficient gauge to resist cutting through with hand tools.

Our EuroGuard Combi system combines an attractive mesh design with timber to achieve an LPS 1175 SR 2 security rating. It can be used in parts of a school boundary where additional security and privacy is required while other less vulnerable parts of the boundary where good visibility is needed, the matching standard wire mesh EuroGuard system would be perfectly adequate.

Timber fencing

In general, timber fencing is best suited to demarcation, managing pedestrian flow within school grounds or creating attractive enclosed or screened areas . The Jakoustic system however is the exception as it can be specified in SR certified security rated versions.

Fence Toppings

Where the school boundary adjoins common land or public footpaths, especially if hidden from sight, it is worth considering the use of anti-scale fence toppings as a highly visible deterrent.

Toppings available include security combs, fixed and rotating spikes, barbed and razor wire.

We recommend:

  • Toppings should not be installed below 2.0m from ground level where there is any risk of accidental harm to visitors or intruders.
  • Toppings must be visible from both sides of perimeter fences and walls.
  • Adequate warning signage must also be visible from both sides warning of danger.
  • Any entrapment points should be designed out.
  • Care must be taken, when handling & installing security toppings and it’s best left to the professionals.

Beyond schools hours and terms

If the school facilities are used after hours or out of term times, careful consideration should be given to creating internal boundaries to direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic, keeping those visitors away from school buildings and access points.


Once installed, fencing and associated gates form part of the school infrastructure as they usually require foundations of some description. Always allow for regular inspection and maintenance of fencing to ensure they remain safe and fit for purpose with repairs and replacements being made when necessary.

When specifying fencing systems, look for best value over lowest price – it is typically as disruptive, damaging to the environment and costly to install a cheap fence with a short design life as it is a high quality alternative and over a 25-year period a poorly made fence is likely to need replacing twice.

All Jacksons’ fencing systems whether constructed in timber or steel or in combination are designed to last and deliver lowest whole of life cost. They are also backed by industry leading guarantees which give you the additional reassurance that you’ve made the right choice.