Fencing for education

Safety and security are two of the most important considerations for any school, and Jacksons Fencing can help you make the right choice, with over 75 years of experience and the peace of mind of a 25 year guarantee. We have a range of topics below that offer guidance for creating school perimeter solutions, including creating safe playgrounds, installing and maintaining automatic gates, and providing security for higher risk education sites.


Education Report

We have undertaken a comprehensive research project, considering the opinions of school leaders, teachers and parents, as well as other stakeholders involved in ensuring the safety, security and protection of pupils and staff at school sites. Download your copy here.

Jacksons Fencing Education Case studies

School Fencing and Gates

We have a wide range of fencing and gates suitable for use in schools, colleges, universities and playgrounds, including child-safe anti-trap designs and security rated solutions for schools in higher risk areas. Browse the range here.

Protecting Buttons Pre-School

Safeguarding is an incredibly important consideration for any education site, but now Buttons Pre-School in Kent is secure with Jacksons’ fencing and gate solutions.

Watch the video to discover how Jacksons helped Fegans and contractor Beacon Group replace outdated facilities with a modern building that meets the needs of staff and children


How should you secure your school perimeter?

The perimeter is the most vulnerable part of a school, and it needs to be well planned in order to keep staff and students safe inside, control access to outside visitors, and still create a welcoming appearance, as it is the first thing prospective students and parents will see when visiting.


Why choose Jacksons Fencing

Discover why Jacksons is the best choice for your school, understanding your safety, security, and amenity requirements, whatever the size or location of your site.

Making Northwood School safe and secure

Northwood School in London is a £35m regeneration project, benefiting from a range of Jacksons’ security and fencing solutions. The school, designed by Lizard Landscape Design and built by Farrans Construction Ltd, uses 650 metres of Jacksons solutions, helping to make the school safe and secure for students, staff and visitors.

Watch the video to discover how Jacksons has helped Northwood School welcome visitors, define outside spaces and secure its perimeter with innovative fencing and gate solutions.