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Choosing the right fencing for your school

Safety and security are two of the most important considerations for any education site.

From perimeter fencing to the main entrance gates, a school gives a clear impression of its commitment to safety and security well before a visitor even enters the grounds ? and you need to reassure them that you can prevent a range of risks, such as accident and injury, anti-social behaviour, and theft.

A few of our tips for choosing the right fencing include conducting a thorough security and safety audit, establishing your operational requirements, and considering design aesthetics as well as performance.

It’s also crucial to choose a trustworthy manufacturer with a reputation of delivering fencing solutions that are fit for purpose and meet national standards.

With seventy years of experience, Jacksons is the bright choice for the education sector, offering a comprehensive range of security solutions designed for your school’s unique needs.

Our solutions include timber and steel fencing, acoustic barriers, gates and gate automation, and parking control and barriers, which have been proven effective in school environments time and time again.

These include the newly redeveloped Northwood School in North West London. A £35 million project, the school is now safe and secure for students, staff, and visitors, thanks to its 650 metres of Jacksons fencing solutions, which include our Barbican Imperial fencing, EuroGuard welded mesh panels, and Hit & Miss fencing.

Is it time to choose the right fencing for your school site? Visit our dedicated page for more information.

Date: 02/02/2017 11:10:00

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